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We have weekend classes available every weekend, please contact us for a booking.

More About Me

I have baked all my life, as it is something I have a passion for, and I love working with children. As a result, I ventured into a business where I can combine the two.

I started by taking an eight- week baking course at CTIA to hone my skills, followed by a Cake Decorating course (2015) presented by the excellent Chef Gillian Pope from Gill’s Cake studio in Ferndale. This course was co-presented by Noel Fordred.


I continue my training with Gillian where I learn on an ongoing basis in all culinary fields. My training is ongoing since 2015.

How we started out

Tiny Bakers started out in 2012 as a baking program for children at nursery schools. This was since baking is a very therapeutic activity and that most of the senses are developed during baking. The little ones love these classes and fine motor skills, sense of smell, tactile sense, hand-eye-coordination, and many more are stimulated while they are having fun.

 As the business evolved, I started presenting classes for older children on Saturdays. Parents are welcome to join, as some parents feel that in today’s upside-down world, they want to spend a bit of quality time with their children.

As such, I find that I receive requests just from families who want to do Christmas ginger cookies or mini ginger houses together. These turn out to be an extreme fun experience and create a warm family atmosphere.

Baking has always been a passion of mine.

 I presented classes like a Mother’s Day cookie class where we did cookies and decorated them for Mother’s Day, or the pirate cupcake class where fathers and their children can bake together and make sugar paste decorations such as an evil pirate, parrot, pirate ships, treasure chest and such to decorate their cupcakes with.


 There was a growing demand from children who wanted to bake all different products such as different types of biscuits and cookies, carrot cake, chocolate cake and more. I therefore decided to present classes on Saturdays and during the week for older age groups.

This includes holiday baking where we will give the older children time to learn a new skill while enjoying themselves with a satisfying baking experience.

We get requests from ages in between eight-year-olds and twenty-year-olds.

tiny bakers

The classes are three one hour sessions and have grown to an extent that we now have “permanent” course goers who attend twice a month.

We still do nursery school fun classes on request, where we do a fun Easter cookie class for a group of nursery school children, or something like a mini pizza or Mother’s Day class.

We also have our once-a-month fun class with the little ones from three- to -five-year-old. This class takes place on a Saturday morning and gives the parents time to do their shopping while we have fun with the children.
Children are extremely creative and not afraid to try new things. We find that they think outside the box and do their own thing during our sugar paste decoration making.

Feel free to book a baking party for your child. The theme can be chosen by the client and we can have a baking session for cupcakes, mini cakes, or anything required by the client.

Our Recipes

One of the best ways to bond with your child is through baking. You’ll be surprised at how fun and easy it is!
Try one of our Tiny Bakers recipes below.

Monthly classes

Classes will take place on the first and third Saturday of every month. Children from ages 3 years old and above are welcome. Little ones up to age 6 should be accompanied by a parent. These will typically be our mom and child or dad and child classes.   Older...

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Dipped sugar cookies

Dipped sugar cookies

With our dipped sugar cookies, we mix our butter, flour and sugar together, thereby strengthening the finger muscles. (Fine motor skills) We roll the dough and cut out shapes , and promote hand-eye coordination and again fine motor skills. When baked, the decorating...

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Buttermilk scones

Buttermilk scones

With our buttermilk scones lesson we teach the children about dairy products and show them photos of a cow. We ask the children what products that we can eat or drink comes from milk. We then use cream and whisk it to show them how butter and buttermilk is made. The...

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Lemon muffins with sticky icing

Lemon muffins with sticky icing

With our lemon muffins the lesson is about lemons and the lemon tree. With this lesson, we take a small lemon tree with either blossoms or small lemons already growing on the tree. We teach the children the colours green, yellow, brown of the soil , as well as the...

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Schools are welcome to contact us for an appointment. During the first appointment a representative of Tiny Bakers will show a presentation about what we do. If we proceed to do Tiny Bakers at your school, we will provide marketing material and do a free of charge demonstration class at the school. Presenting Tiny Bakers classes at your school will give your school an added advantage as the stimulation value of Tiny Bakers is tremendous.