Adult classes: baking and cooking classes

Baking and cooking classes are an excellent way to break away from you daily routine. Baking is an extremely therapeutic activity and a way to touch base with your creative side. Come and join our class for a lovely experience.

We offer the following adult classes:

  • Heathy home cooking course (see below)
  • Baking cakes, various biscuits and pastries
  • Meringue (Swiss, French and Italian) class
  • Macaron class
  • Chocolate ganache class
  • Chocolate truffle class
  • Chocolate paste and chocolate roses class
  • Sweets class
    (such as fudge, marshmallow and Turkish delight)
  • Cookie “flooding” with royal icing class
  • Buttercream class
  • Piping techniques (buttercream and royal icing) class
  • Royal icing class
  • Cake decorating class
  • Fondant cake covering class

Learn how to make healthy food at home

We offer classes for caregivers/au pairs or moms of toddlers to make healthy food. We offer menus for three different weeks. These meals are healthy and easy and will be loved by your child.

This course is started with a basic course on how to make a bechamel sauce and how to cook rice and pasta, then followed up by the different food recipes. The course includes all recipes. We offer a light snack and refreshments such as coffee and tea during class.