Our apple muffins recipe is one of the most popular muffins of all. We do a lesson about apples, and then use grated apple in our muffin recipe. The recipe includes rubbing the butter and flour together (fine motor skills) sensory skills, as we put some cinnamon into the mixture. We ask the little ones if they can tell us which spice they can smell in the mixture. We also learn about colours, as there are red, green and yellow apples and even some apples with all these colours in one.


100 g butter
225 g self-raising flour
1 Pinch of salt
100 g soft brown sugar
150 g raisins (optional)
2 eggs
2 tbsp honey or golden syrup
2 apples, peeled and grated
125 ml milk
1 tsp cinnamon

Add raisins to the apple muffins for a treat!

Method for apple muffins

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.

Line some big or small muffin pans with paper muffin cups or spray the holes with and oil-based cooking spray.

Add the salt and cinnamon to the flour. Rub the butter and  flour together until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add in the sugar and raisins and stir. Beat the eggs, spoon out the honey and mix in with the flour mixture. Add the apples and milk and stir – remember muffins do not need a lot of mixing.

Spoon the apple muffin dough into the paper cups or muffin pan and bake for approximately 10 – 12 minutes for the mini muffin pans and about 15 – 20 minutes for the larger muffin pans. To make sure that your muffins are ready, put a toothpick or cake tester into the muffin. If the toothpick comes out without any dough sticking to it, your apple muffins are ready.


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