With our strawberry heart cookies, our lesson is about strawberries. I take a strawberry plant to class, preferably one with flowers and or strawberries already on it. We show the children the flowers, leaves and fruit and teach them about the colours red, white and green. The children also learn that the plant needs water and sun to grow and that strawberries are very healthy and contain a lot of vitamin C. We also give them some strawberries to taste before we start baking.



150 g cake flour
50 g caster sugar
100 g softened butter


Strawberry or raspberry jam

This recipe is allergy friendly as it contains no eggs

Method for strawberry heart cookies

Pre-heat the oven to 170°C.

Strawberry heart cookies

Put all ingredients into a bowl, rub the mixture between your thumbs and fingertips. When the mixture looks crumbly, squeeze it together to make a ball of dough. If a bit dry, add a little butter to bring the dough together.

Roll out small pieces of dough at a time, and using smaller and bigger heart-shaped cookie cutters cut out 2 big heart shaped cookies, then cut a smaller heart out of one of the big heart-shaped cookies. Bake for 5 to 10 minutes until lightly coloured. When cooled down, put strawberry jam on the bigger cookie and put a cookie with a heart cut out on top so that the jam shows a red heart.

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